• Safari and Chrome font smoothing
  • Better font Smoothing for Chrome and Safari

    You'd think that by now we'd have fonts for the web figured out, but even still in 2015 it's difficult for web designers to implement universal font smoothing. Every browser renders font in their own sometimes jagged or blurry way, since when it's the right way it's unnoticed.
  • CRON; Drupal
  • Make sure CRON is functioning

    It is important that you stay on top of your Drupal website's CRON feature and make sure that it is functioning well, otherwise you can end up some serious database issues. Namely, the size of your drupal database can grow into the gigabytes, affecting the performance of your drupal site as well as the server it runs on.
  • MySQL
  • Mysql space reduction procedure

    That ibdata1 isn't shrinking is a particularly annoying feature of MySQL. The ibdata1 file can´t actually be shrunk unless you delete all databases, remove the files and reload a dump. But you can configure MySQL so that each table, including its indexes, is stored as a separate file. In that way ibdata1 will not grow as large. According to Bill Karwin's comment this is enabled by default as of version 5.6 of MySQL.


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