• fix the not secure chrome message
  • Why does my website say not secure?

    If your website collects information from visitors like passwords or payment information then you'll want to pay attention to Google's recent Jan 2017 update on their Chrome browser version 56.  It's all about security and making their Googlers feel safe.  Since Chrome is the most prevalent browser, it's important to pay attention to this, and in this article is a link showing you how to fix it if it's happening on your site.

  • How to secure your website with SSL for free

    Problem: Nowadays, in case you haven’t noticed or read the news, the world’s most popular browser - Google Chrome - alerts you if a page is not secure and is asking for your information. In order to resolve this you need to install a TLS/SSL certificate on your website server.

    Solution: There’s actually a free solution called “Let’s Encrypt.”