Business-Specific SEO and Web Design

At Bravo Web, we understand that your needs often go beyond just getting a virtual representation of your name on the web. The website you envision can be a valuable resource for your business, utilizing the internet to synchronize quickbooks, data collection web forms, and customer registration. As a Portland-based web design and SEO company, we specialize in creating business-specific solutions for a variety of businesses.

Here are a few of the areas we in which we specialize:

  • SEO website audit
  • Get a free SEO site audit

    This is the first step to execute your SEO strategy. We'll audit your desktop and mobile website version if you have one, for search engine optimization effectiveness. Some of the things we'll be looking at are... (click here for more)

  • Monthly SEO

    We offer 3 levels of maintenance and search engine optimization for your business. The Enterprise Ads SEO and Maintenance includes a dedicated Adwords campaign customized to drive traffic to your business website. We install conversion tracking code on your website which allows us to report actual costs for clicks on a per keyword basis, in addition to a number of other metrics used to report on SEO performance. Whether you need SEO and maintenance for your restaurant, service, or product based business, we can increase search engine traffic for your website. Check out our monthly SEO and maintenance plans here.