Business-Specific SEO and Web Design

At Bravo Web, we understand that your needs often go beyond just getting a virtual representation of your name on the web. The website you envision can be a valuable resource for your business, utilizing the internet to synchronize quickbooks, data collection web forms, and customer registration. As a Portland-based web design and SEO company, we specialize in creating business-specific solutions for a variety of businesses.

Here are a few of the areas we in which we specialize:

Automotive Website Design

We have a strong record building and designing automotive sites with purposeful UX. We deliver clean navigation, expanding on individual services, each with their own appropriate call-to-action for sales opportunities at every corner. Our designs also have proper industry aesthetics and mobile friendly features.

Restaurant Web Design

As we expand in Portland, restaurants will continue to be one of our core client groups. A restaurant site can vary wildly in complexity, from simply containing a location and menu to full online ordering and delivery systems. Building a restaurant with a CMS (content management) is a wise decision, as your site can be updated quickly to reflect day-to-day menu changes. Bravo has 10 years of experience offering affordable restaurant web solutions at an affordable rate in Portland’s competitive market. In terms of our designs, we offer clean, enticing, and easy-to-navigate, interfaces for your clients that match your company's aesthetics. If you see a restaurant who's style or services you'd like to replicate for your own business, send a message here.  Also checkout our work for Roseanna's Cafe.

Property Management Websites

Property management is another area of our expertise when it comes to development. SEO for property management can be particularly challenging, as listings can live on multiple platforms. And outside services such as such as Appfolio’s iframe will only boost their own search position. At Bravo, we have solutions that synchronize and format your Appfolio content, boosting your own company’s website.


Our geography does not limit us to just Portland! We are able to work with remote clients, offering web development and website maintenance in Seattle. Whether you need a site built or need us to continue maintaining its viability in Google search engines, we can bring your excellent tech-city service with Portland overhead!

Contact Us today and find out how can we build the site that's right for your business!

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